What Are We?


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We are a software and services company focused on philanthropy.

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Our mission: Connect companies, causes, and communities.

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Our vision: Simplify Philanthropy, Amplify Impact. ®


What Do We Do?

We Connect Companies, Causes, and Communities.

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For companies, we help you engage your employees and clients in your corporate philanthropy with turnkey programs for matching grants, community giving, and giving circles.

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For causes, we help you attract more corporate grants, with better, visual storytelling and impact metrics.

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For communities, we help you give with colleagues, friends, family, and more with our Giving Circles and Community Giving campaigns!


Why Is This Important For You?


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Because we can help you triple your engagement with employees and customers for half the price!

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Because consumers will choose your competitor's product if that product also supports a cause.

93 percent of people


Because people want to know what your company is doing to make a difference.


How Can We Work Together?

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Our platform works like a plug and play foundation™, ready to support your philanthropic needs.

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Our services and software help your company create campaigns, access reports, and promote your impact.

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Our experienced and insightful team always goes the extra mile to make it easier for anyone to make an impact.