Looking for a new and interesting way to engage your event attendees and expand your impact?

We can help. Our plug and play foundation™ software and services help involve groups of people in philanthropy in simple and fun ways.

With a GivKwik campaign, your event's attendees can watch nonprofits or social ventures pitch their organizations live onstage, see videos and read brief descriptions of nonprofits, then vote for their favorite cause to receive a grant funded (and branded) by your company. Use Givkwik to inform and entertain your attendees by adding cause-related engagement to your programming.

How It Works

Embed a GivKwik campaign on your conference website and/or present as a real-time poll during your event (or both). Advise participants of the campaign’s web location, then encourage participants to vote for their favorite featured nonprofit before, during or after the event.

At your event or online, encourage participants to talk about their favorite causes with each other and/or (if possible) invite representatives from nonprofits to share their stories as well. Depending on the number of nonprofits featured in the campaign, voting can occur in a tournament style with multiple rounds or a simple ballot format. Funds can be distributed on a “winner take all” or “proportional” basis.

Let Us Work For You

Our seasoned event production professionals can design and produce a fun, and impactful for your clients, your employees, or your family and friends. 

Step 1 – We help you find nonprofits or social ventures relevant to the theme of your event

Step 2 – We help you propose a corporate branded campaign to your sponsors and partners

Step 3 – We deliver the technology to engage participants in real-time social giving, voting, and/or impact investing

We'll work with featured organizations to curate their information, host the campaign from our web servers and (and/or creates widgets to embed on any website). We also provide data insights on voting and user activity, help determine the winners and disburse grants. We strive to make it easy for everyone involved.

Everyone Benefits

- Event organizers can offer extra benefits to their corporate partners for supporting their event.

- Corporate sponsors get new short-term, low risk channels for promoting its brand and corporate social responsibility.

- Corporate sponsors avoid the expense of due diligence and financial administration - by letting us do the work.

- Event attendees get to participate in meaningful yet simple and fun ways to make an impact.

Technical Requirements:  For live events, a flat screen or projector/screen to display the Givkwik campaign widgets.  Event based Wi-Fi is a plus (but not necessary) since attendees are encouraged to use their smart phones to visit a mobile-optimized web page customized specifically for your event.

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