Copy of The Chronicle of Philanthropy's article with the headline Kindness takes early lead in unusual giving Tuesday competition

Kindness Takes Early Lead in Unusual Giving Tuesday Competition

December 2, 2014  

Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Kindness took an early lead in one of the more creative and competitive celebrations tied to Giving Tuesday.

In a contest to see who presents the most compelling case for supporting a nonprofit, 32 groups pitched their charitable causes in an online platform created by Indiegogo, GivKwik, and the Impact Hub. The top-10 vote recipients will make their presentations to a live audience starting at 7 p.m. at the Giving Tuesday celebration in New York City.

When the final votes are tallied at midnight, the winning nonprofit will receive $5,000 and a free consultation on its use of Google Analytics.

"It's going to be a fierce competition, and we have an array of causes from education to health care to animal rights," says Gwen Nguyen, director of cause for Indiegogo, the online fundraising platform.

The competitors include nonprofits working to save bears in China, recruit teachers for inner-city schools in New York City, and provide digital-literacy training for women in Afghanistan and other emerging nations.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Life Vest Inside, a campaign to fuel kindness around the world, led the voting. The nonprofit created the dance-for-kindness flash mob in 80 cities.

"We set out to create a physical platform for nonprofits to share their impact stories," Ms. Nguyen says. "That giant megaphone: That's what Giving Tuesday is all about, to share the great works they do and inspire people who have never given before to support their work."

All of the pitches will be live streamed.