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Inspiring Space: Disruption Ahead at Hub SF

February 20, 2013  

Source: Impact HUB San Francisco

Disruptive. It's a word that brings about many conflicting thoughts in our society. "Change" and "against-the-grain" are terms that come to mind. Disruptive is also associated with technology. Think of the Google car whose prototype promises to help the blind operate vehicles solo. What about the financial industry? What can they do "disruptively" to fill the void for those of lower-income and create ways for small businesses to succeed without going into debt?

This very need brought together over 100 individuals to the HUB San Francisco this month, to find solutions to the ever-increasing financial gap. Co-sponsored by the Federal Reserve and FDIC, leading professionals in the field joined together to discuss the issues one-on-one and create solutions together. In addition, members of organizations like Kiva Zip, Lendup, Givkwik and Indiegogo presented their current working prototypes to an eager crowd.

And their solutions are met with big questions. How do we give change in a cashless society? Are low-income folks online? How do we use disruptive technology to change the model of how we can do things? This gathering has proven it's time to get disruptive and find solutions for the tough questions. What better place to get started than at the HUB?