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April 20, 2018  

Don't know about you, but I'm still thinking about Beyonce's performance at Coachella, aka #BeyChella. So we're dedicating this week's roundup of interesting articles on philanthropy, innovation, and the future to the Queen and we're kicking off with an article highlighting her active philanthropy.


Beyonce as Philanthropist: Where's the Superstar's Latest Gift Headed? - Inside Philanthropy - At just 36, Beyonce already has an active track record of philanthropy.

How the next generation is creating social change through philanthropy - The Guardian - A new emerging generation of young philanthropists are reshaping the art of giving to stimulate social change

It's time to meet Millennials where they give - NYN Media - Millennials - and their cell phones - account for over $30 billion of donations - and, over the course of the next two decades, they are projected to inherit another $30 trillion in assets.


TED has launched a $250 million project to model 'what an IPO for the nonprofit world might look like' - Business Insider - Starting this year, TED is scrapping the annual prize for something even bigger: a $250 million initiative known as The Audacious Project.

Three Ways To Craft A Nonprofit Model That Appeals To Millennials - Forbes - Millennials want nonprofits to engage them instead of just hitting them up for a check each month.

Want A Purpose-Driven Business? Know The Difference Between Mission And Purpose - Fast Company - Young people want to work for purpose-driven businesses-but your purpose has to be something more than just rephrasing your business model.

The Future

If United Ways Have to Change, So Must Many Nonprofits - NPQ - The United Way was once one of philanthropy's biggest players, but all across the country, many are now scrambling to find their place within the larger philanthropic ecosystem.

What Is Digital Inheritance And The Future Of Your Assets After Death? - Forbes - Have you ever thought about what happens to your cryptocurrency investments after death?

For investors, the future of education technology is now the workplace - GeekWire - At least that's the sense of what has become the largest industry-facing edtech conference.

That's it for this week. Enjoy the Queen Beyonce's second performance at Coachella this weekend. Let us know which article made you shake your hips, hit us up on Twitter.