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February 22, 2018  

Have you seen Black Panther yet? If not, book your tickets now and go see it! Then come back and read this week's run-down of interesting articles in philanthropy, innovation, and the future...


'Atlanta Is Wakanda': Nonprofit Meets #BlackPantherChallenge - WABE - more than 650 individual donors pitched in to raise the $30,000 needed to cover the costs of 700 students from about a dozen Atlanta and DeKalb County high schools watching "Black Panther" for free Tuesday.

What This New Foundation Says About Silicon Valley Giving - Inside Philanthropy - Dropbox co-founders just launched a foundation with an initial endowment of approximately $20 million to back organizations on the front lines of the global fight for human rights.

WhatsApp co-founder donates $50M to new Signal nonprofit wing - The Hill - Brian Acton, a co-founder of the Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp, is donating $50 million to a new nonprofit supporting the encrypted messaging app Signal.


The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies 2018 - Fast Company - Check out the not-for-profit section of this list of innovative companies.

Fiscal Sponsorship: A Hidden Resource for Nonprofit Entrepreneurs - Nonprofit Quarterly - A look at the practical considerations and trade-offs that groups may experience when contracting with a fiscal sponsor.

Diversity Can Lead to More Engaged Board Members, Study Finds - Philanthropy News Digest - A new report finds that nonprofit boards with higher levels of gender, age, and ethnic/racial diversity tend to have more engaged members.

The Future

The wireless technology that will power the future just hit a milestone - Quartz - Many telcos are working diligently to commercialize and deploy 5G, the latest iteration of wireless network technology.

The Future Of Legal Services: Putting A Law Firm In The Palm Of Your Hand - Forbes - In 2018 and beyond, consumers will look to legal services may range from 24/7 emergency access to a lawyer within 15 minutes to having a lawyer prepare a will, pre-nuptial or divorce paperwork from a questionnaire completed on a mobile app.

The Future Of Banking: Cryptocurrency ATMs And Blockchain-Based Drones - Forbes - Cryptocurrency ATMs offer an innovative solution to solve one of the world's biggest problems - banking barriers.

So, did you like Black Panther? Check out this cool reader of articles about the movie and the cultural significance surrounding it. Let us know your thoughts about the movie and any of these articles on twitter. The weather's a little weird out there on the East Coast, so make sure you ask Siri about the weather before you venture out in shorts and flip-flops. Remember, it's still February (for a couple of more days)!