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January 11, 2018  

Here it is, your new favorite round up of interesting articles about philanthropy, innovation, and the future. This week we’re getting straight to the point because we have new year's resolutions to keep and new business to find! Enjoy this week’s rundown plus some @#$%% zen.  


Yes, More Facebook Friends Are Asking You for Money   (NY Times)

How The Top 10 Philanthropists Of 2017 Are Reshaping Giving  (Fast Company

How They Did It: 10 Stories of Runaway Growth in Giving   (Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Benefits of a Philanthropic “Impostor Syndrome”   (Capital Research

Students wearing coats in cold classrooms spur donations  Washington Post 

Memphis moves into No. 1 spot for charitable giving in 2017  USA Today 


These Poverty-Fighting Startups Are Slaying Silicon Valley’s Sacred Cows  (Fast Company

A 'Runaway Bag' For Health Care When People Are Fleeing   (NPR

Who Decides? Behind a New Fund to Amplify Community Power  (Inside Philanthropy

The Future

2018 Sneak Peek: What to Expect of Impact Investing  (Barrons

A.I. and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty  (NY Times

Five 2018 Jewish philanthropy trends to watch  (E-Jewish Philanthropy)

This New Blockchain Protocol Wants To Create Accountability For Social Impact  (Fast Company

Your Moment of Zen

2017 Was the Most Profanity-Laced Year for Corporate Conference Calls; That May Be a Good Thing (Triple Pundit)

There you have it. Some cool news to read with your latte. We’d love your thoughts on any of these interesting developments or if you have interesting news to share with us, @ us on twitter. In the meantime, remember to dress warm, eat healthy and call your parents!