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March 31, 2018  

We're wrapping up March with a round-up of interesting articles about philanthropy, innovation, and the future. Take a read of these great articles and prove that you're no April Fool!


Corporations Do Damage to Poor Women with Their Global Philanthropy - Alternet - A new book argues that poor black and brown girls are actually hurt by charity work modeled around the "girl effect" which shifts the burden of change unfairly onto girls and women, asking them to bear the weight of bringing up their communities economically.

How to make the exponential benefits of philanthropy work for you - Smart Business - Chad Hoffman, president and CEO of Richwood Bank, discusses the intersection of philanthropy and business.

Big Giving, Local Focus: Another Case of Exploding Regional Philanthropy, With a Twist - Inside Philanthropy - The dispersal of wealth in the U.S. explains why so many regional universities and cultural institutions are raising record amounts of money, as we so often report.


Four ways to use CSR as an employee engagement tool - Business Matters - How can businesses ensure they effectively implement CSR programs into workplace culture?

Why Nonprofits Need 'New Power' When Good Battles Evil - Chronicle of Philanthropy - Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms argue in a new book that charities must embrace technology and unorthodox thinking to mobilize people for their causes.

It's Time for Companies to Imbed Social Purpose in their Business Strategy - FSG - In 2018, the opportunity for companies to positively shape our future is unprecedented

The Future

Wikimedia's Strategic Direction Project is a Model of Democracy - Nonprofit Quarterly - The Wikimedia Foundation's recent transparent strategic-direction-setting process is being lauded as a model not only for other nonprofits, but for economic and political institutions as well.

Inside the Future of Twitch: Watching Is the New Playing - tom's guide - How Twitch is turning its millions of viewers into active participants in the games they watch.

Five Steps to Using Employee Advocacy to Drive Brand Engagement - MarketingProfs - Employees can be a brand's most influential advocates. Empower employees to help generate leads, build brand awareness, and be your brand's best ambassadors

That's it! Enjoy April and hopefully nicer weather. Hit us up on Twitter with your opinions on these articles and stay tuned for our next round-up!