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February 1, 2018  

After a week's hiatus, we're back with your favorite roundup of interesting articles in philanthropy, innovation, and the future. Super Bowl Sunday Edition! As in, here's some articles to read if you're not into football and need something to do on Sunday.


Philanthropy In The Post-Tax-Overhaul World - Financial Advisor - After months of speculation, philanthropists are beginning to grapple with what the new tax law will mean for charitable giving in the coming year. The verdict: The new rules could have an impact--both good and bad--on both donor-advised funds and private foundations, according to sources in both camps.

On Philanthropy: 6 ways the world of giving could change in 2018 - Denver Post - Fewer taxpayers itemizing deductions means reduction in donations

Let's Rewrite Today's Headline: The Nonprofit Financial Sky is Not Falling - Nonprofit Quarterly - The unfortunate practice of writing sensationalist headlines is once again visiting our sector, as this new report looks at the financial risk factors for nonprofits.

Why More Super Bowl Ads Are Touting Philanthropy - Ad Age - Is it the Super Bowl, or the Do-Gooder Bowl?

Five Best Practices Of Extraordinary Grantmakers - Forbes - Extraordinary funders cultivate conditions necessary to support innovation in organizations.

The Invisible Infrastructure Of Giving - And Why It Matters - The Conversation - Charitable giving may seem like a fairly straightforward exchange: from donor to charity. But it is actually made up of many layers and multiple dynamics, many of which are invisible.


Keys to Nonprofit Innovation: Ask the Right Question and Be Responsive - Huffington Post - [T]he future fascinates us but more practically if we can 'know' the future, then we can make better decisions today. And when it comes to fundraising and philanthropy, it sure would be useful to able to predict the future right now.

Circular Social Innovation in India - SSIR - Social enterprises in India are using restorative and regenerative, circular economy principles to address the deep-seated sustainable development challenges.

Research Reveals Why Geography Is Central to Product Innovation - UCR Today - UCR researcher and colleagues show that businesses in states with confluence of research universities, venture capital, and government funding innovate at 16-times higher rate when demand increases

The Future

The Future Is Female: A Marketer's Take From The Front Lines Of CES - Forbes - Actually, the present is female, as today, women make or influence 85% of all purchase decisions and control more than 50% of all personal wealth in the United States.

A Glimpse Into The Future Of Recruiting - Forbes - Can AI be the key to modernizing the recruiting process? A look into the next revolution in recruiting.

In Fingerprints And Banks We Trust: IBM Reports On The Future Of Authentication - ZDNet - An IBM study of The Future of Identity has found that whether people use passwords or biometrics is influenced by how old they are, where they live, and the value of the service involved. Choices are not purely technical....

That's all we've got. We've left it all out on the field today, like hopefully you're favorite team will this weekend. We'd love your thoughts on any of these interesting developments or if you have interesting news to share with us, @ us on twitter. Remember to dress warm and tip your waiters!