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February 8, 2018  

So, how was your Groundhog Day?

So, how was your Groundhog Day?

Get it? That was a joke. Oh, never mind. Whether you agreed with Punxsutawney Phil who predicts 6 more weeks of the cold stuff or Staten Island Chuck who predicted flowers will bloom early, here's your weekly rundown of other predictions, ideas, and insights in philanthropy, innovation, and the future. This week, we did some extra credit work for teacher, and included a few articles for our nonprofit friends. Enjoy!


Opinion: Corporations should treat philanthropy dollars like business dollars. Here's why. - Devex - Corporations should research charitable impact with the same thoroughness they apply to their other decisions.

6 ways to change the world for as little as $20 - CNN - Want to put your money where your heart is? Impact investing may be for you. This kind of investment aims to make the world a better place, and make you a profit.

Young Donors Predicted to Give Historic Dollars, Ideas - WMUK 102.1 Radio - The face of philanthropy is getting younger. That's the prediction of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids in its new report about 11 giving trends.


Augmented Reality: How We'll Bring the News Into Your Home - New York Times - The New York Times is about to expand our journalism so you can experience it in three dimensions, just by picking up your phone.

Facebook, Google Vets Form Coalition to Fight Tech Addiction - PC Magazine - The Center for Humane Technology will focus its efforts on young users, first with a public school ad campaign on the harmful effects of tech and social media.

Reinventing Philanthropy As An Employee-Centered Growth Strategy - Forbes - There is another growing trend when it comes to giving back when it comes to inclusive leadership: letting the individuals define the business . . . of giving.

The Future

The Future Of Marketing Will Be Heads-Up And Hands-Free - Forbes - The next several years will bring mass adoption of smart glasses in people's daily lives creating an incredible opportunity to promote the newest method of marketing, advertising and consumer research: heads-up and hands-free.

What is the future of work? - RTE - If mass and permanent unemployment could well mark the future, what does this mean for a society so heavily defined by work?

Whither the Nonprofit Retirement Account? - Nonprofit Quarterly - The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management published a new report this month: "What Now: How will the impending retirement of nonprofit leaders change the sector?"

Bonus: For Nonprofits

Some Jobs Are Best Left to the Nonprofits - Bloomberg - Health care might be one of them. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan certainly hope so.

How To Land The Perfect Influencer For Your Nonprofit - Forbes - Not all collaborators are created equal. Nine expert tips from members of Forbes Nonprofit Council, so you can ensure your next private partnership gets off on the right foot.

Did Your Nonprofit Lose Funding? Here Are 3 Things To Do Next - Forbes - Try these 3 tips to stay centered, grounded and focused as you kick your hustle into high gear to bring in funding for your organization.

That's it. Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for the Super Bowl Championship. Stay tuned for next week's Valentine's Day edition!