Child sitting on shoulders of her parent, holding a sign that reads HEAR ME ROAR

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March 1, 2018  

So turns out, if our country is to be saved, we need to look to our youth for sober and inspirational leadership. Who knew? Here's this week's roundup of interesting articles in philanthropy, innovation, and the future. Take a read and support the youth taking a stand for their own future!


Donor-Advised Fund Giving Reflects Larger Philanthropy Patterns - Mostly - Nonprofit Quarterly - The rapidly increasing share of charitable funds held by DAFs largely reflects the general giving patterns of philanthropy as a whole in the US.

Understanding The New Rules Of Philanthropy In A Millennial Age - Forbes - According to one study, forty-one percent of individual donors say they have changed their giving due to increased knowledge about nonprofit effectiveness. And United Way Are Teaming Up To Change Corporate Giving - Fast Company - Their new app called Philanthropy Cloud lets corporate employees have a record of all their matched giving-and will help guide them to other organizations, information, and ways to help in person.


Eight Nonprofit Professionals Offer Their Best Fundraising Advice - Forbes - Eight members of Forbes Nonprofit Council share their best fundraising advice with fellow nonprofit leaders.

GoFundMe relaunches nonprofit fundraising site CrowdRise - TechCrunch - Nonprofits can now set up campaigns on their own, and run them with a more full suite of services. These include analytics to measure how the campaign performs; social media tools to help amplify the campaign; and event management tools to let nonprofits set up registration, ticketing and other aspects of a live event.

Non-profit or Social Enterprise: Why it Matters - Wilmington Biz - How does an entrepreneur decide if their idea should be structured as a nonprofit or as a for-profit with a social enterprise focus? Three important initial questions to ask yourself.

The Future

Can tech fix its own future? - Washington Post - Is technology-based innovation, long seen as our best hope for improving quality of life, developing sustainable energy sources and equalizing global economic opportunities, actually making things worse?

The Future of Jobs in the World of AI and Robotics - Knowledge @ Wharton - A chief human resource officer says managerial jobs and tasks that are repetitive in nature will be displaced and the ability to learn new skills will be critical for individuals who want to stay relevant. Companies will need to devise new ways of training and assessing the skills of employees while countries must develop a learning ecosystem.

Philanthropy can help Atlanta become a "city too busy to hate" by investing in power-building, marginalized populations - NCRP - Many of the city's underserved citizens have been pushed to the margins in the name of progress. Fortunately, there is a huge opportunity for foundations and wealthy donors to step in and support those communities.

That's it. We try to stay relatively politically neutral here, but we have to say: The United States must immediately solve its obsession with guns and its unfettered access to them and its stigmatization of people with mental health needs. And we have to stop assessing blame and start solving problems and believe in the wisdom of the generation in whose hands we'll leave this world, our youth. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter and please share this roundup with your own followers!