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March 20, 2018  

March. It's more than just the month of the year with the least predictable weather. March is March Madness. March is Women's History Month. March has St. Patrick's Day and Pi Day, and March is the only month with a call to action... March 4th! Speaking of action, take a look at our latest round-up of interesting articles in philanthropy, innovation, and the future. If something curries your fancy, share it with your colleagues and let them know you learned about it from your friends at GivKwik!


In the #MeToo Era, Here's What Philanthropy Can Learn From Women's Foundations - Inside Philanthropy - The #MeToo movement was made possible by decades of work by women's funds and the women's advocacy groups they patiently supported.

How Public Art Can Serve As Philanthropy's Calling Card - Fast Company - A collection of pieces funded by the Northwestern Mutual Foundation shine a light on the organizations and causes the charity supports.

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are Changing Philanthropy: Expert Take - Cointelgraph - Much of the growing interest in Bitcoin and other digital currencies has focused on getting and not giving. But flying under the radar is an exciting new trend toward leveraging cryptocurrencies for philanthropy.


Slicing, dicing data gives agencies roadmap to better employee engagement - Federal News Radio - The Federal Office of Personnel Management is using data in ways that make it more valuable and let agencies address root causes of problems geographically, by office and by job description

Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement - Harvard Business Review - For decades, having regular employee opinion surveys has been on evidence-based lists of high-performance HR practices. It would be a big mistake to abandon them today.

New study outlines unprecedented financial risk to many nonprofits - Daily Republic - An important new study finds that half of U.S. nonprofits are at risk financially -- facing inadequate cash reserves, negative income margins and technical insolvency.

The Future

What does employee engagement mean in the future of work? - Silicon Republic - Keeping your employees happy is about more than free food and a fancy office. Jacob Morgan talks about the three prongs of sustainable employee engagement.

The Future of Work Relies on Your Developing These 5 Team Skills - Entrepreneur - Five "super skills" that will "groom people for just about anything."

The Future of Biometrics in NextGen Payments - Bank Innovation - With the advance of face, finger, and voice identification, biometric technologies will be integrated with IoT devices to provide a better customer payment experience.

That's what we've got for you this week. Go march forth and make something good happen. Hit us up on Twitter if you want to chat about any of these articles.