Five people around a laptop accompanied by the words Givkwik is your plug & play foundation. Start employee engagement and cause marketing campaigns for your business in moments.


GivKwik connects companies, causes, and communities. GivKwik is a shortened phonetically spelled version of the phrase “Give, Quick.”

GivKwik’s “Plug and Play Foundation” software and services help companies with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and philanthropy programs. Its turnkey programs for Community Giving, Matching Grants, and Giving Circles can help a company increase employee engagement and transparency around their social impact.

GivKwik’s software platform was built with and for leading clients like PwC and Vodafone. Its consulting services methodology was developed with clients like Western Union and Amalgamated Bank. Its operations processes for grant-making were developed with Impact Assets, a leading nonprofit financial services firm.    

GivKwik is a mission-driven, for-profit software and services company incorporated out of Delaware with a virtual team of members in California and New York. 

GivKwik earns revenue from professional services fees billed to clients for customization and integration of its platform and processing fees for donation transactions incurred on its platform. 

GivKwik’s small and diverse team has accomplished big things in just 5 years. GivKwik has helped its clients give away $10 million in impact to over 500 different nonprofits across the United States. GivKwik has established campaigns like GIV.NYC, which is a celebration of #GivingTuesday in New York City, as well as the "All Stars of Giving," which celebrates the intersection of pro sports and philanthropy. 


The Team –  CEO and Founder Jason Rosado is an ex-banker from a working-class Latino family in The Bronx. In 2012, he gave up his 13-year, successful career in banking, moved to San Francisco, to participate in two accelerator programs. Once there, Thaddeus Wojcik, the company’s lawyer, decided to trade in his retainer for equity in the company. Jason’s aggressive outreach in the Silicon Valley area for a technical co-founder netted Tom Roli, a valley pioneer and seasoned Chief Technology Officer with previous employment and consulting engagements with companies like Apple, Sony, and more.

The Problem –  Driven by Millennials, companies are increasingly expected to define and declare their commitment to CSR and philanthropy. Companies need help innovating their philanthropy, be it for processing employee matching grant requests or engaging their employees in philanthropic decisions or making sure customers know about their CSR programs. Unfortunately, this kind of work – while extremely important for brand awareness and corporate culture – can distract from “business as usual,” and all it takes is one bad press cycle labeling a company’s efforts as “inauthentic” to invalidate the good will generated by corporate giving.

The Solution -  GivKwik provides turnkey software solutions for campaigns and programs engaging a company’s employees and customers in corporate philanthropy. If a company needs help designing their programs, GivKwik also offers a 2-day Giving Model Canvas workshop utilizing design thinking and scenario planning methodologies that can help a company’s stakeholders envision the future of their philanthropic programs. GivKwik’s helps its clients achieve “authenticity at scale.”

How It Works -  Functioning like a light, private social network, GivKwik’s software platform captures online engagement in the form of favorites/likes, votes, testimonials, and donations from a company’s employee community. GivKwik’s dashboard reporting helps a company’s management team track engagement in real time and inform grant-making decisions. GivKwik’s “story creator” functionality helps capture visual profiles of nonprofits which include impact metrics to assist in grant-making decisions and cause marketing promotion. GivKwik’s operational integration with a donor advised fund (managed by Impact Assets) helps administer and distribute grants on behalf of the corporate client. In this way, GivKwik’s services are truly end-to-end.

Why You Should Care –  In this heightened political climate, with hot-button issues dividing communities, companies are increasingly pushed to take stands on key issues. Traditionally, those decisions have been made by a few people behind closed doors at the C-suite level. GivKwik’s services help increase a company’s authenticity and transparency by helping a company engage its employees in deciding its target issue areas and the nonprofit organizations working to solve those problems. Rather than just partner with one or two nonprofit organizations, GivKwik’s technology helps a company dramatically scale up its impact, partnering with hundreds of organizations at a time – but without the excess administrative burdens associated with due diligence and marketing.

Key Takeaways - 

  • Consumers, led by Millennials, are pushing companies to be more transparent about their CSR efforts. With the reduced corporate tax rate, we don’t anticipate this trend diminishing.
  • GivKwik provides both software and consulting services to help companies with their CSR and corporate philanthropy.
  • Despite being a small, young company, GivKwik has engaged top-tier clients like PwC, Vodafone, Western Union, and Amalgamated Bank.  
  • GivKwik’s software platform is end-to-end - from campaign design and content curation to online engagement and decision-making to dashboard reporting and then finally to grant distribution.
  • GivKwik is a mission-driven, for-profit software and services company with team members in California and New York and clients across the country.      




Jason Rosado, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.
13-year veteran of financial services at JPMorgan Chase and BNY Mellon. Diverse background includes internship at the White House; founding of a web start up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a scholarship and grant fund in New York. LinkedIn 


Tom Roli, CTO.
20-year veteran and pioneer of new technology ranging from online advertising to digital music. Previously co-founded 2 companies: WebNoize/Digital Music Network and Skematik, LLC.  LinkedIn

Thaddeus Wojcik, Esq. Vice President for Business Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary.
Thaddeus is also a member of the Board of Directors. Ex-corporate attorney with extensive background in business negotiations; start-ups; corporate transactions; securities law; governance; and nonprofit organization formation. Army Veteran.  LinkedIn



GivKwik engages a diverse team of consultants supporting experience design, business development, program design, and project management, and social media.


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  • GivKwik Logo - Square - 600 x 600 
  • GivKwik Logo - Square - Orange - 600x600
  • GivKwik Logo - Transparency

GivKwik Logo - Square - 600x600

GivKwik Logo - Square - Orange - 600x600GivKwik Logo - Transparency

GivKwik's CEO, Jason Rosado

GivKwik CEO Jason RosadoGivKwik CEO, Jason Rosado

GivKwik CEO Jason RosadoGivKwik CEO Jason Rosado

Still image of speakers who appeared at the Giv NYC event in 2016

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