BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life)

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BELL Summer provides targeted academic instruction and social support to scholars who are struggling most in the classroom. We work to prevent summer learning loss and narrow the academic achievement gap in under-resourced communities. BELL Summer is a 5-6 week summer learning experience that operates 6.5-8 hours per day, Monday to Friday.

BELL scholars learning Chinese through enrichment

BELL scholars make 2-3 months gain in reading

Certified teachers make learning fun through BELL



$1,000 helps...

a class to access technology resources that support literacy skills

$5,000 helps...

three scholars to attend a BELL summer program

$10,000 helps...

scholars to receive free transportation to and from the BELL summer program for one site

$25,000 helps...

a cluster of scholars to attend the BELL summer program (20 scholars)

$50,000 helps...

curriculum for one BELL summer learning sites

$100,000 helps...

a small school to offer the BELL summer program

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