Smillow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven - Closer to Free Bike Ride

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The Closer to Free Community cheered participants who rode in memory of someone they have lost to cancer, to give support to those currently undergoing treatment and to rejoice with survivors. In 2016, our 6th ride welcomed 1,450 riders, 519 volunteers, 125 survivors who along with family, friends, staff and the community participated in a day of hope. Proceeds benefited: Survivorship; Clinical Trials; Phase I Research Program; Cancer Genetics Prevention Program; Leukemia/Lymphoma; Melanoma.

Smilow staff riding for their patients.

Patients, staff, volunteers cheering riders.

Riders and volunteers champions for patients.



$5,000 helps...

fund survivorship program

$10,000 helps...

All above plus fund Innovative Clinical Trials/Phase I Research Prog.

$25,000 helps...

All above plus fund Cancer Genetics/Prevention Program

$50,000 helps...

All above plus fund Leukemia/Lymphoma Research Program

$100,000 helps...

All above plus fund Melanoma Research and Shared Resources

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