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Trust in Government and Civic participation are at all-time lows, particularly among younger voters and with local government. Open.Media brings local governments into the 21st century, making civic engagement simple and affordable. Our software as a service streams and organizes legislative information and video in the formats young voters want, searchable and shareable via social media. We all deserve a democracy we can see.

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People want to engage. Open.Media makes it happen



$1,000 helps...

provides 1 year of free Open Media service for two small governments

$5,000 helps...

enables us to conduct a 1-year case-study to quantify impact/results

$10,000 helps...

enables nation-wide promotion at national conferences and events

$25,000 helps...

covers all administrative costs for the Open.Media project for a year

$50,000 helps...

enables us to hire a much-needed sales-person/account executive

$100,000 helps...

allows us to hire a top-notch developer to maintain a superior product

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