596 Acres

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596 has facilitated the neighbor-led creation of 32 new spaces on City owned land in NYC between 2011 and 2015. We also protect legacy gardens from tax lien foreclosure, expand land in community stewardship and bring transparency over the disposition of public assets. 596 Acres makes information about public land legible and accessible online & on fences, and helps neighbors connect to transform the lots in their lives.

Superheroes for Community Land


information & advocacy where people can find it!



$1,000 helps...

buy a new computer for our Program Manager

$5,000 helps...

educate City Council Members about eminent domain 4 good

$10,000 helps...

improve the user experience of 596acres.org

$25,000 helps...

educate 5 community boards about vacant land in their districts

$50,000 helps...

run our NYC Community Land Access Program for six months

$100,000 helps...

run our NYC Community Land Access Program for a year

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