The Oliver Scholars Program, Inc.

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The Oliver Scholars Program (OSP) prepares high-achieving African American and Latino students from under-resourced NYC public schools for success at top independent high schools. The average income of an Oliver Scholars family is $48,000; 28% are living below the federal poverty level. Through OSP’s focus on scholarship, leadership, service and hard work, Oliver Scholars achieve extraordinary success: 100% of Oliver Scholars graduate from high school and matriculate into prestigious colleges.

92% Scholars placed at independent schools in 2016

100% Graduates attend 4-year college or university

6000+ Community Service hours done in 2015-2016



$1,000 helps...

Underwrites college tours for one rising 12th grade Scholar.

$5,000 helps...

Pays for books for all students in Summer Immersion Program.

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