Afro Brazil Arts

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Afro Brazil Arts (ABA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire achievement, leadership and community through capoeira made accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Michael Goldstein, Mestre Ombrinho, founder and Executive Director of ABA, has been pioneering capoeira programs in the schools throughout the New York area, introducing capoeira to thousands of youth each year since 1988.

Capoeira workshop at a school in the Bronx

Our head teacher Mester Ombrinho and students

Mestre Ombrinho leading a capoeira song



$1,000 helps...

fund a year of capoeira classes for a student on scholarship

$5,000 helps...

fund a teaching artist to provide 1 semester of capoeira classes

$10,000 helps...

fund a teaching artist to provide 1 year of capoeira classes

$25,000 helps...

fund a complete capoeira program for an underserved community

$50,000 helps...

fund capoeira teacher training program for 2 teaching artists

$100,000 helps...

establish a permanent scholarship fund for low-income students

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