Andy Roddick Foundation

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The Andy Roddick Foundation works with our community to expand opportunities for young people to learn, thrive, and succeed. We work to transform the 80% of waking hours elementary students spend outside the classroom into hours of opportunity by providing access to high-quality programs during after school hours and summer months that prepare students for future success. Without these programs, students fall 3 years behind their peers by 6th grade, putting them at higher risk of school dropout.

Kids spend 80% of their time outside of school

We transform that time into hours of opportunity

Working together to expand opportunities!



$1,000 helps...

purchases new sports equipment for programs

$5,000 helps...

provides a year of after school programming for 10 students

$10,000 helps...

provide 6 enriching field trips to 80 students

$25,000 helps...

provides a year of after school programming for 45 students

$50,000 helps...

hires quality educators to provide summer learning instruction for 80 students

$100,000 helps...

provides a free 6-week summer learning program to 70 students

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