United Athletes Foundation, Inc.

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United Athletes Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2008, based in the Atlanta, GA. It's mission is empowering athletes to impact communities through education and social development. Our vision is to provide a worldwide platform to unite athletes to leverage their collective influence to significantly improve the lives of disenfranchised and disadvantaged people. Our goal is to increase our youth development programs by 50% to improve the success rate of our minorities.

Microsoft / UAF College Hackathon $70,000 Awarded

2016 AAU Boys' Basketball National Championship

Andy B's Bowling Lanes Staff/Volunteers



$1,000 helps...

helps pay hotel rooms for AAU Boys' Nationals

$5,000 helps...

secures airfare to AAU Boys' Basketball Nationals

$10,000 helps...

secures fees, hotels, and travel for AAU Boys' Nationals

$25,000 helps...

secures funds to offer the S.O. What! Curriculum to 800+ youth

$50,000 helps...

provides for 1,500+ youth to complete S.O. What! Curriculum

$100,000 helps...

secures uniforms, fees, travel, hotels, and curriculum

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