Welcoming America

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Welcoming America inspires people to build a different kind of community that embraces immigrants and fosters opportunity for all. We are leading a movement of inclusive communities across the nation becoming more prosperous by making everyone who lives there feel like they belong. We connect a broad network of nonprofits and local governments and support them in developing plans, programs, and policies that transform their communities into vibrant places where people respect each

Welcoming America brings communities together.

Immigrants and refugees feel welcomed.

The Welcoming America Team



$1,000 helps...

us to train 1,000 welcoming leaders.

$5,000 helps...

us to create and distribute 10,000 guides on welcoming practices.

$10,000 helps...

us to support 500 Welcoming Week events.

$25,000 helps...

us to support 2 welcoming communities.

$50,000 helps...

us to support 5 welcoming communities.

$100,000 helps...

us to support 10 welcoming communities.

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