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Art Feeds believes all children are curious, imaginative, innovative, creative and our greatest resource. We exist to feed creative development and facilitate emotional expression in children through art and community. To do this, we provide free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools & children’s organizations by mobilizing teams of community members to bring all forms of art into classrooms. Since 2009, Art Feeds has impacted 31,500 children.

Creating student-designed murals for public spaces

Our programs empower elementary children

Community volunteers educate students weekly



$1,000 helps...

fund the mural itself to be printed with kids artwork on panels

$5,000 helps...

350 kiddos with lessons and supplies for mural making for 4 weeks

$10,000 helps...

700 kids create a mural and the mural to be printed and displayed!

$25,000 helps...

1250 children create a mural in 4 lessons

$50,000 helps...

5 schools and 2,500 students create 5 community murals

$100,000 helps...

10 schools and 3000 students create 10 community murals

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