Youth Opportunites Unlimited

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Youth Opportunities Unlimited was founded in December 1982 as a nonprofit to provide Cleveland teens with their first paid summer job. The organization has evolved and expanded, and today Y.O.U. provides workforce preparation services and entrepreneurship training to youth 14-19 in Northeast Ohio who live in families near, at or below poverty level.

NEO's leader in youth workforce development!

We work with at-risk teens of Cuyahoga County.

Serving over 150,000 youth since 1982!



$1,000 helps...

us to provide general operating support

$5,000 helps...

allows us to employ 3 youth during the summer

$10,000 helps...

allows us to employ 5 youth during the summ

$25,000 helps...

allows us to provide an E CITY (entrepreneurship) program

$50,000 helps...

allows us to employ 25 youth during the summe

$100,000 helps...

allows us to provide an in-school Jobs for Ohio Graduate program

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