Western Reserve Land Conservancy

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Western Reserve Land Conservancy is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to preserving the region’s essential natural assets and revitalizing urban areas. The Land Conservancy was created in 2006 when eight local land trusts merged, the largest ever merger of land trusts in the country, and now serves a 17-county region from Sandusky Bay to the Pennsylvania border and south to Wayne and Columbiana Counties. We have protected 650 properties totaling more than 47,000-acres.

#Trees4Threes (2015)

PwC-CAVS-Land Conservancy-CLE Schools Trees4Threes

Land Conservancy Staff



$1,000 helps...

provide education materials for community volunteer tree stewards

$5,000 helps...

maintain and water recently planted trees for one year

$10,000 helps...

carry out a large scale tree planting event within the community

$25,000 helps...

provide storage needed for tree planting equipment & supplies

$50,000 helps...

create a nursery to continue to provide needed trees to the community

$100,000 helps...

sustain a nursery of new trees to be used to reforest our city

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