Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis

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Our purpose is to help shape kids lives so they have a better chance of being caring, productive and responsible. Boys & Girls Clubs provide safe places for kids to go with enrichment and growth opportunities under the guidance of caring adults. Nearly 1,000 kids go to Boys & Girls Clubs each day we are open. There are 11 Clubs in the city located in neighborhoods of significant challenges.

Enjoying donations!

Give opportunity

Provide academic assistance



$1,000 helps...

Sponsors 4 kids in summer camp

$5,000 helps...

Purchases computers for kids at a Club

$10,000 helps...

Sponsors teen visits to colleges

$25,000 helps...

Academic mentoring to youth at 4 Clubs

$50,000 helps...

Sponsors a faculty director position at a Club

$100,000 helps...

Sponsors the arts for members at all Clubs

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