Paws Chicago

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PAWS Chicago is a national model in No Kill animal sheltering dedicated to building No Kill communities where all pets are saved. As Chicagoland’s largest No Kill shelter, PAWS has helped to reduce the number of homeless pets killed in the city by 80 percent since its founding in 1997. But with over 8,000 homeless pets still dying in our city each year, there is still important work to be done. In 2015, PAWS Chicago found homes for 5,987 homeless pets and performed 18,418 spay/neuter surgerie

Chicago's Largest No Kill Animal Shelter

5,987 Adoptions in 2015

Volunteers served over 117,000 hours last year



$1,000 helps...

provide critical care to a pet with life-threatening injuries

$5,000 helps...

provide for one day of spay./neuter surgeries on the PAWS GusMobile

$10,000 helps...

Provide spay/neuter surgeries for over 100 pets

$25,000 helps...

Provide vaccines & medical care for PAWS Chicago puppies for one year

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