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At YouthLink, our mission is to build healthy relationships with youth and the community to address youths’ urgent needs so that doors of opportunity are opened to futures of empowerment, connectedness, and self-reliance. Our vision is to empower youth to shape their futures by providing a safe, supportive, respectful and responsive community of excellence. YouthLink is the place where the end of homelessness and the end of poverty begin for the youth we serve.

Over 30 partner agencies provide their services.

We offer youth a safe and supportive environment.

A team of staff and volunteers is here to help.



$1,000 helps...

creates a 6-week internship for a youth to learn workforce skills

$5,000 helps...

provides professional attire for 100 youth for a job interview

$10,000 helps...

provides household necessities for 100 youth moving into a new home

$25,000 helps...

provides furnishing for 100 youth moving into their new homes

$50,000 helps...

provides 1,500 youth with 3 nutritious meals a day for a year

$100,000 helps...

provides transportation assistance for 2,000 homeless youth in for a year

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