Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado

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Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado (AATPC) is a nonprofit mental health center that operates an urban farm for the purpose of providing counseling and psychotherapy with the assistance of a wide variety of rescued therapy animals. Our urban farm, Barking C.A.A.T. Ranch (Center for Animal Assisted Therapy), is home to 15 rescued farm and domestic animals (6 different species), each that clients work with, with the help of their professionally trained mental health counselor.

Our Rescued Animals Help Counsel People in Need

We help people of all ages and income levels

Our amazing team of professional counselors



$1,000 helps...

feed our 15 resident, rescued therapy animals for one month

$5,000 helps...

build a chicken coop, a gazebo or a horticultural plot

$10,000 helps...

build a prep kitchen at our new counseling building

$25,000 helps...

build a thrift store attached to the counseling center

$50,000 helps...

build a community pavilion or amphitheater at our new campus

$100,000 helps...

build our waiting area with child play area at our new campus

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