Thrive Natural Care

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An inspiring team of rural farmers, entrepreneurs, ethnobotanists & scientists came together to build one of the world's first regenerative businesses. Thrive's regenerative farms in Costa Rica produce unique plant oils--more effective than synthetics--that power our skincare products, while also restoring soil health, biodiversity, and improving rural farmer livelihoods. We aim to be a $500M+ global model for regenerative business and human health. Thrive sales grew over 500% on Amazon in 2017.

Global Model: Regenerative Business & Human Health

Partner With Women-Led Co-ops; Incomes Up 113%

Inspiring Team of Costa Rican and American Leaders



$1,000 helps...

rural farmer double her income, restore soil health, receive training

$25,000 helps...

build a distillation unit that increases rural farmer incomes 100%+

$50,000 helps...

500 farmers build community distillation units, raise incomes 75%

$100,000 helps...

1000+ farmers build community distillation units, raise incomes 100%+

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