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GenFKD is committed to providing a 21st century education to all students. We work with current college students and recent graduates to provide educational experiences that higher-education often fails to. We design, develop and implement programs that improve financial and career outcomes. Our new pilot, "LaunchPad", combines in-demand tech skills with the soft-skills often desired by employers in a 12-week program designed for underrepresented communities in high-growth career fields.

GenFKD Financial Education Workshop

FSU Student Explains Why She's Part of GenFKD

GenFKD Staff and Student Fellows, 2016 Retreat



$10,000 helps...

produce 30 educational videos

$25,000 helps...

fund a semester worths of workshops across all 28 chapters

$50,000 helps...

scale "Launchpad" to 3 chapters

$100,000 helps...

catalyze development of online platform for curricula

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