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ServiceCorps is an innovative non-profit with a vision to transform top college graduates into socially conscious leaders by empowering emerging leaders to secure and defer their post-college job offers at leading corporations, and to serve for one year at the finest nonprofit and public organizations. The ServiceCorps Fellowship is the first leadership development program that places corporate-bound college graduates into full-time service positions for one year and ensures job & loan security.

ServiceCorps fellows 2017-18

Developing socially conscious leaders

ServiceCorps Team



$1,000 helps...

Sponsor an educational retreat

$5,000 helps...

Sponsor debt zero guarantee

$10,000 helps...

Sponsor biweekly training courses

$25,000 helps...

Sponsor a fellow

$50,000 helps...

Funds our Leadership Capital Institute for a week

$100,000 helps...

Funds our leadership capital trek to Europe

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