Angelica Village

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Mission: Through love, care, and sustained mutual support, Angelica Village nurtures conscious community living spaces where people with special abilities, families seeking refuge from war and violence, individuals and families experiencing homelessness and other community partners receive what they need and share what they can. We provide: housing and practical, emotional,educational, and vocational support that creates an environment for long term stability, and opportunity for each member

Building Community and Realizing Dreams

All Are Welcome

It Takes A Village


$1,000 helps...

Cover essential court costs for individuals seeking a new life

$5,000 helps...

WIth an emergency fund so all families stay stabilized

$10,000 helps...

create a college scholarship fund for youth in the community

$25,000 helps...

build an apartment to welcome an additional family into the community

$50,000 helps...

provides additional case management resources

$100,000 helps...

Buy another home or build an art/music space as to expand our capacity

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