Youth Policy Institute

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The mission of the Youth Policy Institute (YPI) is to transform Los Angeles neighborhoods using a holistic approach to reduce poverty -- by ensuring families have access to high quality schools, wraparound education and technology services, enabling a successful transition from cradle to college and career.

We provide quality education and support services

Serving children and families in need

With gratitude for our partners and champions



$1,000 helps...

50 young adults obtain professional clothing vouchers

$5,000 helps...

YPI to provide robotic and engineering kits for STEM after school classes

$10,000 helps...

50 students to attend leadership and behavioral summer camp

$25,000 helps...

300 students to attend cultural arts classes

$50,000 helps...

at-risk students to receive high-touch college and career counseling

$100,000 helps...

YPI to fund the operations of a full-service community school

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