Building Bridges Across the River

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The mission of BBAR is to improve the quality of life for children and adults living east of the Anacostia River in Washington, DC by providing leadership, management and financial oversight of THEARC. Through a collaboration of nonprofit resident partners working under BBAR's leadership, THEARC provides high quality and affordable cultural, educational, recreational, health and social service programs. By offering these programs, BBAR and its partners seek to contribute to the revitalization.

A free book brings smiles to our youngest members!

Summer campers at THEARC enjoying a healthy meal!

Our I CAN interns are making a difference everyday



$1,000 helps...

250 families to enjoy free community day programming & festivities.

$5,000 helps...

4 youth to receive paid internships at THEARC Organic Garden for one month.

$10,000 helps...

800 youth to eat healthy meals & snacks during summer camp.

$25,000 helps...

5 interns to receive paid, hands on instruction in technical theater.

$50,000 helps...

10,000 youth & families to have free transportation to THEARC's campus on THEARC Bus.

$100,000 helps...

20 interns to receive year-round, paid instruction in technical theater management.

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