American Red Cross

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As the nation's premier emergency preparedness and response organization, the Red Cross is there to help and comfort people through devastating crises from house fires to earthquakes. Survivors of disaster, patients needing lifesaving blood, members of the military and many more turn to the Red Cross every second of every day. For more than 130 years, the Red Cross has been helping neighbors down the street, across the country and around the world.

Providing food, shelter & financial assistance

Any person affected by a disaster, big or small

Our volunteers work 365 days to help others



$1,000 helps...

protects one village against the threat of measles with lifesaving vaccinations.

$5,000 helps...

provides 333 smoke alarms installed in homes in at-risk communities

$10,000 helps...

connects 125 families to a military loved one so they may return home after an emergency

$25,000 helps...

provides food and housing to 125 families for 1 day in a Red Cross shelter

$50,000 helps...

funds financial assistance for 90 families after they are devastated by a home fire

$100,000 helps...

provides 1 hot meal for 10,000 people

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