Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Inc.

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ACE provides loans and business consulting services to help borrowers throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia create and grow stable, sustainable businesses that generate jobs. ACE specializes in working with underserved populations, particularly women, minorities and low-income business owners, to help drive economic mobility and build stronger communities. Founded in 1999, ACE has loaned more than $37 million to entrepreneurs, which has created or saved more than 6,200 jobs in Georgia.

Borrowers start & grow businesses that create jobs

We've loaned more than $37mm to small businesses

ACE is critical in lending to underserved & women



$1,000 helps...

support business growth and learning

$5,000 helps...

create multi-language marketing materials

$10,000 helps...

create events assisting up to 100 entrepreneurs refine their skills.

$25,000 helps...

give specialized assistance guiding clients with high growth potential

$50,000 helps...

provide a loan officer to work with businesses

$100,000 helps...

fund specifically targeted placed based initiatives

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