Girls Incorporated of Metro Denver

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Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Girls Inc. of Metro Denver offers comprehensive programs and services that equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow into healthy, educated and independent adults. Girls have access to the tools and support to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor and guide them in a safe, girls-only environment, peers who share their drive and aspirations, and research-based programming.

Empowerment and prevention programs for all girls.

Life-changing experiences for 2,500 girls a year.

Trained professionals mentor and guide girls.



$1,000 helps...

send a girl to the National Science and Engineering Festival!

$5,000 helps...

fund college scholarships for girls in high school!

$10,000 helps...

sponsors 10 girls to attend our amazing 9-week summer program!

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