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LaunchAbility empowers adults with disAbilities so they can achieve their maximum potential and lead fulfilling lives. We adjust the focus from what people with disabilities can’t do and concentrate on what they CAN do. We accomplish these goals by helping people with disabilities obtain meaningful and competitive employment. Our clients are transformed into taxpaying citizens while reducing their dependency on public assistance, it's a win-win for everyone in the community!

Our Job Coaches Train our Clients for Better Jobs

Both our Clients and Their Employers Benefit!

Graduating Academy Clients with our Team



$1,000 helps...

A social skills training course for 5 adults with Autism

$5,000 helps...

4 clients to receive job support for one year to ensure they continue to succeed

$10,000 helps...

Scholarships to our on-the-job training certification programs

$25,000 helps...

Starts a program for special education students to transition to the workforce

$50,000 helps...

One year of training and support for dozens of clients by a state certified Job Coach

$100,000 helps...

20 adults with a disability to train at large corporations and gain on the job experience

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