YES Prep Public Schools

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YES Prep is an open-enrollment charter school district that operates 16 high-performing public schools in Houston, Texas, and serves approximately 11,800 students in Grades 6-12. We exist to get every child to and through college, and have amassed 18 years of experience operating, replicating, and expanding schools, while maintaining impressive academic achievement results. YES Prep ensures that our students are accepted to college, matriculate to college, and graduate from college.

Great teachers are the foundation of our schools.

Educating all children in Houston is our mission.

Supporters attend our Community Breakfast.



$1,000 helps...

sponsor a student for one year.

$5,000 helps...

sponsor a new teacher for one year.

$10,000 helps...

sponsor a student 6th – 12th grade.

$50,000 helps...

support YES Prep alumni towards their college degrees.

$100,000 helps...

build an entire YES Prep classroom.

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