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iLearn Collaborative creates equity in education by building the capacity of educators to implement student-centered learning. We partner with leading educators to capture innovative practices as Structured Coaching programs, combining the best of digital, personalized and project-based learning with one-on-one support. We then work with our ever-growing membership to facilitate the adoption and refinement of those practices to meet the unique needs of each and every community we serve.

Our Vision for Student & Adult Learning

It's All Ultimately About the Students

Districts & States, Nationally & Internationally



$1,000 helps...

A district capture the knowledge of its team as Structured Coaching

$5,000 helps...

A district get an analysis of readiness for student-centered learning

$10,000 helps...

A district enable rapid-cycle evaluation in two of its schools

$25,000 helps...

A district develop micro-credentialing programs aligned with strategy

$50,000 helps...

A district curate and share digital content across all subject areas

$100,000 helps...

A district roll out "train the trainer" programs across all schools

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