Young Americans Center for Financial Education

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Mission: To develop the financial literacy of young people through real-life experiences and hands-on programs purposefully designed to enable them to prosper in our free enterprise system. Vision: Colorado children grow up knowing how to earn, make and manage their money wisely. Programs: Young AmeriTowne (free enterprise for 27,000 5th graders), International Towne (global economics for 10,000 middle school students), YouthBiz (Entrepreneurship for 1,000 low-income students).

Bank customer deposits his first paycheck.

5th grade accountant from a low-income school.

Highly trained staff facilitates every day.



$1,000 helps...

Fund the business pitch competition at a YouthBiz graduation Forum

$5,000 helps...

Send 2 low-income schools through the programs with scholarships.

$10,000 helps...

Sponsor a shop (Young AmeriTowne) or country (International Towne)

$25,000 helps...

Launch YouthBiz in a new low-income community.

$50,000 helps...

Bring AmeriTowne On the Road to a rural community.

$100,000 helps...

Pilot YouthBiz Out-of-the-Box, leveling the playing field for the poor

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