Barefoot College

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We believe strongly that the rural poor, already have within their communities, the capacity, wisdom and skills to create better quality of life, vibrant economic opportunities and stronger civil societies. Our mission is to build a sustainable world where the transfer of life changing technology, access to information and the ability for communities in the developing world to share between themselves; innovation designed and deployed with them at the centre.

Demystifying Technology & Placing It In Her Hands

Empowering Isolated, Non-Electrified Communities

Mothers Develop Themselves & Their Communities



$1,000 helps...

A Mama with all the tools she needs to graduate from Barefoot College

$5,000 helps...

a rural mama to travel to Barefoot and transforms her into a Solar Engineer.

$10,000 helps...

Solar Powers a village of 20 homes!

$25,000 helps...

Solar Powers a village of 50 homes!

$50,000 helps...

Solar Powers an entire remote, non-electrified village!

$100,000 helps...

the Discovery and Solar Electrification Of An Isolated Off-Grid Village.

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