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Our platform consists of two independent components: Givkwik and The Givkwik Fund. Givkwik is the software platform that makes donations into the Givkwik Fund happen. The Givkwik Fund is a Donor Advised Fund managed by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Givkwik currently processes credit card donations through its website. The Givkwik Fund can also accept check-based and bank wire donations. Donations made through the Givkwik site are secured via Secure-Socket-Layer protocol and 128 bit encryption. The process itself is PCI Compliant. Givkwik does not store any credit card information on its servers or systems. We have a preferred provider for credit card processing, but if you have a different one, we'd be happy to discuss working with that provider for your engagement. Funds donated/raised by a client’s employees and/or customers through Givkwik programs and campaigns will be re-distributed as grants from the Givkwik Fund, monthly, at the beginning of every calendar month. The minimum grant amount is $50 (if disbursed electronically) and $250 if a check is required to be mailed to the selected nonprofit grant recipient. The Givkwik Fund is owned and managed by Impact Assets, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt financial services organization. Impact Assets receives donations into the Givkwik Fund, and disburses them to charitable beneficiaries, under special rules provided in its Givkwik Fund Circular.  Any distributions from the fund will be subject to the rules of the Givkwik Fund Circularhere: https://Givkwik.com/materials/Givkwik-FundCircular_20130501.pdf  Despite the name of the Givkwik Fund, Givkwik has no ownership or control over the fund; it belongs to Impact Assets exclusively.  Givkwik is unrelated to Impact Assets other than by way of a technology and support services agreement we have with it that makes it possible for innovative, scalable and uniquely powerful giving campaigns such as yours to happen.  All giving campaigns utilizing the Givkwik platform are subject to our terms of service and privacy policy posted on our website here: https://Givkwik.com/terms-of-service


Storytelling and profiles section

Each organization aligned with each campaign and/or program will be encouraged to submit and manage a profile on our platform. The content provided within the profile will be available for use inside our campaigns/program and in related social media marketing and promotion.

Givkwik’s Profile Processing and Approval software will initiate the emailing of invitations to a pre-determined list of nonprofit organizations provided by our clients and track email opens, and profile creation progress. As the profiles arrive, the Givkwik team will review the profiles, process photos (performing light graphic design and other visual elements) for readiness, and review videos to ensure they are free of any competitor branding. Where a profile submission seems to stall, the Givkwik system will prompt the original submitter to return to the profile to continue towards completion.

As profiles are approved, they are added to a specific campaign or program's inventory. Content submitted via this process is subject to Givkwik’s terms and conditions for nonprofits here: https://givkwik.com/policies/terms-conditions-nonprofits  which indicates to the submitters that the content will be utilized for campaign on the Givkwik platform and made available to our clients for additional communications. Givkwik handles the responsibility for permissions and licensing of images, saving valuable time for our clients.

Reporting and dashboards section

Each of our clients designate a Campaign Administrator to have access to Campaign Administration tools, as well as management dashboards.

Campaign administration tools include:

  • Automating campaign start/end dates
  • Add/Removing campaign engagement tools like thermometers
  • Add/Deleting specific causes featured in campaigns
  • Editing campaign copy/text and uploading images
  • Designating public/private audience types
  • Determining grant award types such as winner ‘take all’ vs ‘proportional distribution

Campaign Management Dashboards offer a variety of charts and data visualizations including (but not limited to):

  • Current Results
  • Overall Performance
  • Performance – Breakout (Daily Votes)
  • Engagement by Member organization
  • Engagement by (3) User Data Types (TBD by the client)

Designated individuals on a client's management team will access an Administrator level view of the ongoing campaigns and their related engagement. This team also has access to the campaign’s member-related assets such as descriptive images, logos, video links and financial impact statements.

Integration section

Our programs and campaigns work best when they are integrated with your authentication and social media domains. This allows for a seamless log-in experience for your employees (or clients) and also makes sharing messages and pictures to the various social networks a breeze. Our team has extensive experience integrating with Single-Sign-On (SSO) frameworks like Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), as well as oAuth, which is widely by used by platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce. 

Single Sign On integration makes dashboard reporting even more effective because whatever information is made available in the "handshake" between our two domains can be utilized for reporting purposes. This has allowed us to implement dashboards that display user engagement by various demographics such as employee seniority, office location, and line of business - to name just a few. 

We also have experience integrating our platform with third party benefits platforms.  

Game mechanics section

Game mechanics (or "gamification") can make a difference between an experience that's used once by your target audience or an experience that's "sticky" or "viral." Game mechanics consist of functionality such as the following:

Leaderboards - Display a list of leaders based on the level of engagement with the platform. 

Locking/Unlocking - Hide/display additional features depending a user passing a particular milestone.

Points / Rewards - Track a user's breadth of engagement and correlate it with a points system that aligns with rewards for points accumulated. 

Games -  Utilizing the content available (images, videos, brief copy) simple, passive games can be enabled to test a user's comprehension and create fun competition between users. 

Social ventures and investing section

In addition to featuring profiles of nonprofit organizations, our profile-based system can also featuring for profit social ventures. Due to the nature of their for-profit business having an intended charitable impact, our profile framework which calls for three different types of pictures, short and long mission statements, a video link, and impact metrics can also work beautifully for a social venture.

For many years, Impact Assets, our nonprofit Donor Advised Fund (DAF) operating partner has offered its account holders the ability to direct the investment of portions of their available DAF balances into social ventures raised rounds of capital. In these cases, Impact Assets is the investor. There is no liquidity event available to the account holder. However, should an investment by Impact Assets generate a return to the DAF, the returns will be split evenly among the various participating account holders, who may then use the additional virtual funds to make additional grants and/or investments. 


Mobile and responsive design section

All of our campaigns and programs, including the administative portals supporting them, are built utilizing a responsive design framework, which means the web pages will render according to the screen size viewing it. This allows our clients to avoid having to download "native" applications to their mobile or tablet devices (but also makes that possible, should it necessary).