Get a branded report displaying beautiful, visual profiles of nonprofit organizations that your company supports with its philanthropy. Embed the report on your website or simply share the link. It's FREE.

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Photos, video, and written content in each profile are also available for use within your social media, content marketing, direct marketing, internal communications, and more!

How Do I Get My Free Report? 5 Steps. 5 Days. Unlimited Impact.

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1. You tell us 9 organizations

you've supported.

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2. We contact the 9 organizations

on your behalf.

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3. They submit profiles on

the Givkwik platform.

Illustrations of a pie chart, a paper with a dollar sign, photos, and a video screen

4. We review and approve profiles,

including photos, impact metrics,

videos, and other details.

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5. We publish an Impact Report

featuring selected profiles

for you. For free!

Why Does My Company Need Givkwik?


of consumers want to know

what companies are doing

to make the world better


of Americans say they are more

likely to trust and feel loyal to

companies that back social causes


of consumers tell friends and

family about a company's social

responsibility efforts


of Americans would donate

to a charity supported

by a trusted company


of people think brands

and consumers could do more to

support causes by working together


of ages 18-28 are drawn

to products where purchase

is a form of support for a cause

Showing and Telling Your Impact is How We Begin to Work Together